Perry Noble

Christian Post Guest Columnist

5 Myths About Anxiety and Depression

#1 – Someone who is a Christian will never wrestle with anxiety and depression. If this is true, then what about Moses asking God to take his life (Numbers 11:14-15), and then Elijah (I Kings 19:3-4) and later Jonah (Jonah 4:3) all asking to die? Paul admitted that he despaired life (II Corinthians 1:8) and even JESUS said that His soul was "Overwhelmed" (Matthew 26:38).

Five Things Every Single Should Consider

Being single can be completely overwhelming. One minute you can feel ridiculously stressed about big decisions you have to make when you're not sure where you might be in five years (or who you might be with in five years) and the next minute you can feel utterly alone because there's no one to help make that big decision with you.

Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness?

I remember the very first time I ever had to deal with someone who told me they were struggling with anxiety and depression. I did not understand and could not relate — so, I told them what I thought was the typical "Christian" answer to all problems…they should pray more, read their Bible more and memorize more Scripture.

How to Let a Dream Die

Expect for everyone to understand you. Believe that you are going to face zero resistance and that everyone will be excited for you!

How to Be a Female in Leadership

Cherie Duffey is over our entire children's ministry here at NewSpring Church and is one of the best leaders I've ever seen in my life. Today she shares with us some insights on being a female in leadership.

If You Are Single ...

If I could sit down with single people one on one and just offer them one piece of advice it would be… Desperation in dating always leads to destruction! How do you know you are desperate? You are compromising! And if you are compromising you know you are doing so!

Three Types of Responses to Confrontation

Confrontation is NOT easy or enjoyable for anyone. And every leader is going to be on the giving and receiving end of confrontation. The "Yes Sir/Yes Ma'am" Person – This is the type of person receives the correction that comes along with confrontation and allows it to make them better instead of bitter.

An Open Letter to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney

Both of you are way better than this. I'm not sure if either of you know this or not…but the way you two are attacking each other is making you appear like you are way more interested in tearing your opponent apart rather than leading our country.

Why I Believe Most Marriages Fail

The statistics are staggering…no matter where you look either inside or outside of the church … marriages are in trouble. I've seen SO many dating and newly married couples that make it a priority to pursue romance and intimacy with each other but then, "life happens."

How to Deal With Betrayal

Betrayal is one of the most brutal things a person (especially a pastor) deals with. It hurts ... deeply. Someone who was close to you and who you trusted walked away and they did not do so silently, they left making a lot of noise.