R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

Christian Post Guest Columnist

The Death of Oral Roberts

The death of Oral Roberts marks a significant milestone in the history of American Christianity. His life, spanning from 1918 to 2009, represents 91 years and almost a century of American religious history.

The Swiss Ban Minarets

Sunday's vote represents a clear victory for the Swiss right and serves notice that the citizens of Switzerland are concerned about the growing influence of Islam in their country.

The Blur of Gender

Just eleven days after running a story on gender-bending teenagers on the front page of its "Style" section, The New York Times is back with yet another front page story in the same section, this time on gender-bending young adults.

When Morality Collapses

Is our moral discourse now limited to distinguishing between what some psychologist or psychiatrist considers as well acts and unwell acts? That is all we have to say in light of a mass murder?

Cartooning the Word

In all likelihood, most people would never even imagine a cartoon version of Genesis. Nevertheless, the cartoon version has arrived, and it is attracting no small amount of attention.

Woof 'n Worship? Seriously?

Gillian Flaccus offers a very interesting report on the "Canines at Covenant" service and the larger phenomenon of "pet-centric" services. Her report also points to a deep theological confusion that these services bring to light.

Feminism Unfulfilled

"The woman's movement wasn't about happiness." That judgment, attributed to feminist Susan Faludi, seems to be the blunt assessment shared by many other women.