R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Gay Bishops in the Church of England

American churches and denominations had better take note. When a church or Christian institution bows to the authority of the state on a matter of such direct biblical importance, it is destined to lose biblical fidelity.

Genderless Baby Myth

Two Canadian parents have ignited a firestorm over their determination to raise their third child as a “genderless” baby. This is not a baby with ambiguous genitalia. The parents admit that this baby has a clear biological sex, but they do not want that to become the child’s identity.

Killing Off Marriage?

Cameron Diaz recently asserted that marriage is a “dying institution.” Keith Ablow adds his hearty approval to Cameron Diaz’s indictment of marriage, adding that he is “not certain marriage ever did suit most people who tried it.”