R. Leigh Coleman

Christian Post Reporter

Harvard Business Remembers Legacy of Steve Jobs

The Harvard Business Review has created a special section specifically dedicated to the legacy of Steve Jobs with writers from across the nation and Harvard students and professors weighing in on his influence and unprecedented innovations. The business school also created a blog in the name of Steve Jobs.

22-Year-Old Christian Is Mother to 13 Ugandan Orphans

Katie Davis has a story that makes radio talk show hosts stop in their tracks and say in deep disbelief, "No, she didn’t." But, yes she did! At the age of 19, Katie Davis left the comforts of upper-middle class life in the U.S. to move to Uganda in East Africa to start a nonprofit organization and adopt 13 orphans.

Has Atheism Been Sold to America?

While religious leaders discuss signs of the times in biblical terms, atheism in America seems to be getting louder, with public campaigns, rallies, billboards, TV appearances and aerial banners, all aimed at gaining attention and drowning out the Christian message. Atheist summer camps now even exist for children.

NASA Looking for Useful Smartphone Apps for Vast Data

NASA is kicking off the new International Space Apps Competition by asking scientists, engineers, and the every day person to develop apps for smartphones, computers and websites and use scientific data to study things like weather-related hazards, discovery of ocean-related hazards and other pressing issues.

Former Drug Addict Details Struggles in 'Against the Gates of Hell'

Mylow Young is an author who struggled with severe drug addiction for more than half of his life. He has written his debut novel, Against the Gates of Hell: A Crack House Exodus, that reveals an inside look at the internal and external struggles of twin brothers who find themselves in need of God’s grace, love and forgiveness and a second chance as they fight for their lives against the very gates of hell.