R. Leigh Coleman

Christian Post Reporter

How Are Christians to Treat Homosexuals?

Treating other people as we would like to be treated is a familiar rule for Christians found in the Bible. So, why is it so confusing in today's world as to how Christians should treat those who consider themselves homosexual?

Honored Navy Officer Found Guilty in 9/11 Fraud

A retired naval officer honored for heroism during the September 11th attack on the Pentagon was found guilty Monday for committing fraud against the 9/11 victim's compensation to the tune of some $330,000. Cmdr. Charles Coughlin of Severna Park, Md., is accused of exaggerating his injuries from when he ran back inside the burning Pentagon to help rescue others.

'New Gandhi' to End Hunger Strike

India's Parliament resolved Saturday to accept demands raised by 74-year-old political activist Anna Hazare to tackle chronic corruption in the country. His peaceful battle against political corruption has caught the attention of people across the globe.

A Contagious Spirit of Hope: UT Head Coach Diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia

A "We've Got Your Back, Pat" campaign publicized on Facebook and Twitter, has caught the attention of people around the country this week -- and not necessarily Lady Vols fans. Thousands wore orange Friday to show support for University of Tennessee's head coach Pat Summitt, who announced this week that she's been diagnosed with early onset dementia, Alzheimer's type.