R. Leigh Coleman

Christian Post Reporter

NY Gay Marriage Bill: The Hidden Faith Factor

A closer behind-the-scenes look at gay rights advocates, who publicly support the New York vote to adopt gay marriage and are hoping it will galvanize the movement around the country, includes a shocking number of clergy and faith leaders.

Report Examines Phone Bills and Mystery Charges

This week, the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee released a report entitled "Unauthorized Charges on Telephone Bills." The simple title belies the labyrinthine relationship between consumers, telephone companies, and the third-party mystery charges at the heart of the Senate committee's investigation.

Mexico Combats Human Trafficking Crimes

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is cracking down on human trafficking in his country by giving congress 180 days to approve a new law aimed at reforming how authorities handle cases now referred to as the “new form of slavery.”

1,500 Restaurants Kick Off Healthy Menus for Kids

The National Restaurant Association today unveiled a new nationwide initiative that provides parents and children with a growing selection of healthful menu options when dining out. "Kids LiveWell," a program the Association launched today in collaboration with Healthy Dining, highlights how restaurants are creating innovative solutions to provide better-for-you menu options.

Poll: 3 in 10 Americans Say They Believe the Bible Word for Word

A new Gallup poll reveals that three out of 10 Americans believe the Bible to be the actual word of God, to be interpreted literally, word for word. These results are relatively consistent with recent results, but down from the peak levels in 1980 and 1984 when 40 percent of Americans said they took the Bible literally.

40 Years Later: Is the American Flag Still on the Moon?

When the NASA astronauts first landed on the Moon, they left a few items on the surface to commemorate their visit. These items included a plaque, mission badges and an American flag. If you’ve ever seen images or video of the flag on the Moon, you might have a few questions.

Jose Baez: The Man Behind the Casey Anthony Case

Before this week, his life has been a roller coaster ride filled with heartache, embarrassment, and mediocrity. But José Baez's life changed when Casey Anthony needed a good lawyer to beat murder charges alleging she killed her 2-year-old daughter.