Ray Downs

Christian Post Reporter

Protesters 'Occupy Wall Street' to Rally Against Corporate America

Angered by the economic problems strangling America and creeping influence on corporate power in everyday life, protesters with a long list of concerns ranging from corporate greed and political corruption to the environment took to Manhattan’s financial district to “occupy Wall Street” and have their voice heard.

Pat Robertson's Most Controversial Moments (VIDEOS)

Pat Robertson made a lot of people scratch their heads when he said on his “700 Club” show that having Alzheimer’s was “kind of a death” that made it permissible to leave one’s spouse. But Robertson is known for making controversial remarks about how his views of the Bible apply to daily life. Here are five of Robertson’s most infamous gaffes.

Perry's Death Count to Grow as Texas Inmate Duane Buck Faces Execution

A Texas inmate is scheduled for execution Thursday night and those critical of his sentencing believe his fate was sealed based on testimony from a psychologist who testified that being black made the man, Duane Buck, more prone to violence. If the execution goes as scheduled, Buck will become the second Texas inmate to die this week under the watch of Gov. Rick Perry, a GOP runner in the presidential campaign.