Ray Downs

Christian Post Reporter

Will Kim Kardashian's Marriage Follow Star Jones or Zeta-Jones?

When a wedding earns the newlyweds $17 million, questions about the authenticity of the vows are bound to arise. And although the Kardashian/Humphries wedding is by far one of the most profitable wedding spectacles in history, it is not the only celebrity wedding that earned a lot of money. Unfortunately, few of them lasted very long.

New Constitution for Libya to Enforce Sharia Law?

A draft of a new constitution created by the Libyan rebels’ transition council that says Sharia law will be a principal source of laws has been leaked on conservative blogs, but authenticity of the document has yet to be confirmed.

Price of Gold Could Have Impact on Libyan Rebels

As Libyan rebels dance in the Tripoli streets, gold traders are dancing on Wall Street. However, rebels and traders might have more in common than dancing since the price of gold might hold the key to how the rebels finance their revolution.

'30 Minutes or Less' Too Similar to Real-Life Pizza Bomber Story?

If a family member of yours was murdered in a bank robbery seven years ago, how would you feel if a slapstick comedy movie closely resembling incident was coming out today? The family of Brian Wells, who was killed after a bomb he was forced to wear exploded during a bank robbery,says the new movie "30 Minutes or Less" is too close to the real-life tragedy.