Ray Downs

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Former Bible College Student Facing Deportation Prays for God's Help

With a trial that will change his life only days away, a former Bible college student will soon find out if an immigration judge will let him stay in the U.S. or order him to leave the country he calls home. Until then, he is expressing his deep faith and confidence that God will “stand up” for him.

Former Saturday Night Live Star Blasts Show for Jerry Sandusky Sketch

Comedian Colin Quinn, best known for his role as the inarticulate news anchor on Saturday Night Live's “Weekend Update,” has been left shocked by an SNL sketch that made fun of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, tweeting to his followers on Sunday that it was evidence of the “coarsening of the culture,” especially since it was done right after the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Eviction of 103-Year-Old Woman, 83-Year-Old Daughter Halted at Last Minute

The bank's moving men were ready and sheriff's deputies were on hand to serve the eviction papers and keep things under control in case whomever they were about to kick out got violent. But when they opened the door and found out they were about to evict a 103-year-old, bed-ridden woman and her 83-year-old daughter, the men just could not do what they came to do.

Is the iPhone's 'Siri' Really Trying to Prevent Abortions?

Siri, the iPhone 4S voice-activated "assistant," is being accused of wanting to prevent abortions by giving obscure answers to users searching for abortion clinics, leading to speculation that Steve Jobs, who confessed he was glad to not have been a victim of abortion, might have intentionally made the programing "glitch."

Herman Cain Affair Allegations Not Unusual for Presidential Candidates; Washington, JFK on Long List

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is taking heat for yet another love affair allegation, leading to rumors that this could be the final blow that defeats the former businessman and lobbyist's candidacy. However, whatever one might think of Cain's political ideas or his personal life, if history is any kind of indicator, extramarital affairs appear to come with the territory of being the president of the United States, dating all the way back to George Washington.

Police Pepper Spray Walmart Customers During Black Friday 'Brawl' (VIDEO)

The use of pepper spray appears to be on the rise this year with several videos of police officers using the aerosol deterrent on "Occupy Wall Street" protesters going viral online. This Black Friday, however, pepper spray incidents have been reported at shopping centers, including one in which Walmart security guards used the spray on customers who appeared unruly.