Ray Downs

Christian Post Reporter

Is the Cost of a Thanksgiving Dinner Really on the Rise?

The average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner in the United States will be about 10 percent higher than last year, according to statistics from the American Farm Bureau Association (AFBA). However, if government subsidies to the food industry are not included, the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner this year is still lower than it has been in past decades – or is it?

UC Davis Pepper Spray Video - What Happens When You Are Pepper-Sprayed?

With the pepper-spraying incident at the University of California Davis causing outrage around the country, as well as the several instances of pepper-spraying at Occupy protests around the country, police have been criticized for over-using a harmful technique on nonviolent protesters. But how does pepper spray work?

Teachers Caught Bullying Special Education Students on Tape Sparks Outrage

A New Jersey teacher was caught on tape bullying a 15-year-old special needs student, calling him insulting names and even threatening to physically assault him. The incident comes soon after a lawsuit was filed against an Ohio teacher who was also caught on tape bullying and insulting a 14-year-old special needs student, giving rise to the question of just how common it is for cases like these to occur.

Christians Argue Buying Factory-Farm Turkeys Goes Against God's Will

This Thanksgiving, millions of Christian families will thank the Lord for their friends, family and food before enjoying a home-cooked turkey. However, if the turkey is one of the approximately 40 million factory-raised turkeys that will be consumed on Thanksgiving this year, some Christians believe that purchasing that turkey equals making a contribution to a multi-billion dollar industry of slaughter, shame and sin.

Kim Kardashian to Sue Christian Author Over Book About 'Fake' Marriage

Kim Kardashian is so serious about proving her wedding was not fake that she has hired “Mad Dog” Marty Singer, a lawyer known for protecting the image of badmouthed celebrities, to go after a Christian author and former Kardashian publicist who is writing a book that says the reality TV star's marriage was a sham.

Penn State's Jerry Sandusky 'Obsessed' and 'Clingy' with Sex Abuse Victim, Claims Indictment

A grand jury indictment describes former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky as being obsessed with one of the alleged victims and becoming "clingy" and "needy" when another victim tried to distance himself from the alleged pedophile. In addition, a Pittsburgh radio host believes Penn State administrators knew of the child-sex scandal, but offered to keep quiet if Sandusky retired. Eventually, Sandusky began coaching high school football, giving him "unfettered" access to young boys.

Iowa College Allows Students to Share 'Gender-Neutral' Locker Rooms

Co-ed dormitories are being implemented in various universities around the country, but Grinnell College, a small, liberal arts college in Iowa, is taking that idea one step further by creating "gender-neutral" locker rooms, an idea propelled by transgender students who choose not to identify themselves as either male or female.