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Comedian Louis C.K. Jokes Twitter, Cell Phones Makes People Less Interested in Jesus

From his famous rant about how society is so spoiled that instead of being in awe of the ability to fly in airplanes, people complain about being stuck on the runway for 40 minutes, or instead of being amazed that a cell phone sends signals to satellites in outer space, people complain if the call takes a moment to go through, comedian Louis C.K. does not believe technology makes people better.

Study: US, Afghanistan Among Worst Places to Raise Kids, Be a Mother

Out of the world's wealthiest nations, the United States is the worst place to live as a mother or a child, according to a survey by children's rights organization Save the Children. But Afghanistan, where the U.S. military has led operations for ten years, is dead last in nearly every category for women and children.

Apple's 'Top Cop' Leaves After Failed Lost iPhone 4S Investigation

One of the heads of Apple's security operations who presided over the missing iPhone 4S investigation in July, during which Apple security allegedly impersonated police officers to illegally gain access to a man's home and made threats of deportation in search of the phone, is no longer with the company.

Charges 'Unlikely' for Texas Judge Caught Beating Daughter on Tape?

The video of a Texas judge beating his daughter with a leather belt for several minutes has gone viral, outraging observers who are calling the video a sick display of child abuse. However, despite local police saying they are investigating the matter, "nothing" will happen to the judge, according to a criminal defense attorney who works in the area.