Ray Downs

Christian Post Reporter

'Forgotten' GOP Candidate Gary Johnson Expresses Support for 'Occupy Wall Street'

Republican GOP candidate Gary Johnson is not getting a lot of media attention and has not been allowed to participate in any of the debates, but the former two term governor of New Mexico is not backing down yet, and recently spoke to reporters about the issues, including why marijuana offenders should be pardoned and why the Occupy Wall Street protesters have a good reason to be angry.

Rush Limbaugh Accuses Obama of 'Wiping Out' Christians in Africa

Controversial radio commentator Rush Limbaugh has accused President Barack Obama of "wiping out Christians" in Africa after the president announced he will send 100 troops to Uganda to combat the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel cult with a Christian fundamentalist army accused of gross human rights violations.

Steve Jobs 'Not in Heaven?' Critics Take Offense at Cartoons Saying Otherwise

To many Apple fans, cartoons depicting Steve Jobs in heaven, such as the one informing St. Peter of apps designed to make the Book of Life easier to manage, are a fitting tribute to a man who left such a deep impact on the types of gadgets people use. However, because Jobs was not a Christian, some have complained that the cartoons are offensive.