Ray Nothstine

Christian Post Reporter

5 Interesting Facts About the Christian Faith of Jim Webb

Jim Webb, a United States Naval Academy graduate and Marine Corps veteran, served in the Ronald Reagan administration in the 1980s. a recipient of the Navy Cross and Silver Star during Vietnam, he has served as the Secretary of the Navy and as a U.S. Senator from Virginia. He was a vocal opponent of the George W. Bush administration handling of the war in Iraq.

Should Christians Be Pole Dancing?

As hypersexualized dance programs like pole workouts become increasingly popular among women of all ages, especially young girls, one Christian woman is battling against the trend while others defend it merely as a form of physical fitness, not sexual exploitation.

9 Notable Quotes From the Values Voter Summit

Many of the Republican presidential candidates at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Friday expressed frustration and anger directed toward the Washington establishment. Many of the candidates offered rousing defenses of the right to life, religious liberty, and family values, but the common recurring theme often centered upon dysfunction and the lack of leadership in Washington. Here are nine notable quotes from the summit.