Rebekah Hargraves

Mama, You are a Theologian!

I write extensively on the importance of moms knowing right theology and being students of the Word for themselves. Sometimes, however, the consensus from moms seems to be that they don't know how to be theologians. But the truth of the matter is this: moms already are theologians. Everyone is!

Husbands Are to Respect Their Wives, Too

Many blog posts, marriage seminars, and entire books have been written on the importance of wives respecting their husbands. Did you know, however, that husbands are called by God to respect their wives, as well? This truly is a road that is to go both ways.

Your Husband Is Not Your Priest

Having spent many years in complementarian and patriarchal circles, I often heard the teaching that "Husbands are to be prophets, priests, and kings in their homes". I didn't question it at the time, but I now find it to be completely unbiblical.

Raising Godly Girls, Not Stereotypes

The primary way legalism played out in my own personal life was in my practice of taking man's teachings regarding what Biblical womanhood was and superimposing them onto the Scriptures. The result (though I didn't see it at the time) was that I was making the Word of God say something it actually didn't say.

What Is Biblical Womanhood?

If you had asked me eleven years ago what Biblical womanhood was, you would have received a far different answer than the one I espouse today. Both egalitarianism and complementarianism are wrong. As my wise father tried to tell me for years, we err when we label ourselves a "this" or a "that."