Rev. Mark H. Creech

Christian Post Columnist

Thanksgiving: Are We Taking God's Blessings for Granted?

How easy it is to take our blessings for granted – to grow so accustomed to them that they lose their beauty. Like the waiters and busboys completely preoccupied with their daily grind and no longer awestruck with Old Faithful - we can become unmoved by the wonders of life. Worse still, we can become oblivious to the faithfulness of God.

Lax Booze Laws Leads to Lax Pot Laws

The votes for advancing alcohol sales across the Tar Heel state were alarming this year. A total of 27 alcohol referendums were held in Alexander, Bertie, Burke, Camden, Cleveland, Davidson, Davie, Gaston, Haywood, Johnston, and Stanly counties. Every referendum succeeded with votes in favor of greater access to alcohol besting limited sales by an average of 62.3% to a 37.1% margin.

This Election and Its Aftermath Show We Need Civility

It appears that we are at a juncture in American history where we've lost sight of civility in politics. We seemed to be shocked by the anger, the violence, and lack of restraint that we're witnessing. However, much of it, in my estimation, is the harvest we've been sowing for quite a while.

The Sexual Revolution Is a Competing Faith

We mostly think of idolatry as something long abandoned to the past. But just as sure as the gods of the Egyptians, the Canaanites, the Babylonians, the Assyrians, and the Romans of yesteryear clashed with the bearers of true religion, it is no less true today.

Thrown to the Lions: Christian Persecution Yesterday and Today

The experience set me to thinking — thinking back to when Christians during the first century were thrown to the lions in the Roman coliseums. In the clutches of these mighty creatures, they were tossed about like rag dolls, disemboweled, torn from limb to limb, for not renouncing or compromising their faith in Christ's Lordship.