Rev. Mark H. Creech

Christian Post Columnist

Labor Day: Christian Work Ethic and God's Economy

Since the dawn of time, labor has been a part of God's economy. Work is inherent to our purpose, meaning and dignity. In 1999, The New York Times reported an incident in an impoverished country. Relief workers distributed food and other necessities to a long line of people who waited patiently. But when they distributed fishing nets, these same people cheered.

Is N.C. Morally Right to Resume Executions?

Certainly one of the most bitterly fought laws was a New York statute that passed June 4, 1888. It substituted the electric chair for the gallows as a means of capital punishment. Interestingly, its strongest opponents were public utilities that believed the use of electricity in executions would have a negative impact on the millions of people, who in those days were still afraid of it.

Hiroshima, Iran and the Nuclear Bomb

This week Japan marked its 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bombing. Thousands of people stood silently at 8:15 a.m. marking the time of the blast at its epicenter in Hiroshima's peace park. Dozens of doves, as symbols of peace, were released.

An Open Letter to the National Rifle Association (NRA)

I want to begin this correspondence by saying that I believe very much in what you've stood for over the years. Your organization has worked tirelessly to defend our nation's Second Amendment. Although I never took the time to join the NRA, I am a fan and believe the nation is indebted to your great work. What concerns me, however, is a recent NRA-ILA alert that was sent to your members in North Carolina that I believe smears people of faith, like me, who oppose Sunday hunting.

Hunting: Weakening the Value of the 'Lord's Day'

The origin of the statement is unknown; nevertheless, someone once said that our great grandfathers called it the holy Sabbath. Our grandfathers called it the Sabbath. Our fathers called it Sunday. We refer to it as the weekend and it's been getting weaker ever since.

Newborn Infants Are 'Morally Irrelevant'

In essence, the argument was one that says opinions on personhood are somewhat arbitrary. Therefore, parents should be allowed to decide whether to take the life of their newborn for all the same reasons they are allowed to have an abortion, including cases where a child is disabled. How did we reach such a place of madness in western culture?

Tax Time and the Bible's Story About Gov't

God forewarned Israel that their choice of a king would come at a great price – putting their trust in government to protect and save them rather than God would make them into slaves. And deferring personal responsibility for their own choices to the state would just make their burdens worse. They wouldn't listen and had to learn the hard way.

N.C.'s Marijuana Bill Fight: Please Don't Misuse Bible's Genesis Verse to Support Legalization

Proponents were also angry – very angry at times. Much of that anger was directed at me because I've been at the center of the opposition to proposals for medicinal marijuana in the Tar Heel state since they were first introduced in 2009. When the Committee Chairman called on me to speak, one of the medical marijuana supporters jumped up from his seat and interrupted the proceedings with a bogus claim that I wasn't on the speakers list. The Sergeant-at-Arms had to intervene and insisted the man be seated and quiet.

Atheist Son of Former US President Says He's 'Not Afraid of Burning in Hell' Is Wrong on So Many Levels

Ron Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, has proudly stated in an ad that he's "not afraid of burning in hell." Reagan did the 30 second ad for the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). The same ad for radio was running a year ago on "The Randi Rhodes Show." [1] The television ad is currently running on CNN and has been aired on "The Daily Show." ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox have all declined to run it, but it has aired in local metropolitan markets. [2]

5 Myths That May Destroy America

In 1986, Erwin Lutzer, wrote an incredible article titled, "The Myths that Could Destroy America." The article is more relevant today than ever. Moreover, the ten myths Lutzer named when he wrote the piece are in full blossom now. This author cannot mention them all, but will speak of five. Make no mistake, these myths are as foolish and baseless in fact as the assertion Romulus and Remas were raised by a wolf.

Drunk Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Is No Funny Matter

The incongruity of this is policemen can't drink while on duty. Physicians are not allowed to drink while on duty. Numerous companies prohibit their employees from drinking during work or even showing up under the influence of alcohol. Drinking on the job or suffering from intoxication during work will get you fired in many places, if not most. Yet, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice nodding off from too much wine while attending one of the nation's most significant annual events precipitates a lighthearted and flippant response?