Rev. Mark H. Creech

Christian Post Columnist

'Heaven is For Real': Near Death Experiences Cause for Much Speculation

Near death experiences may be the cause for much speculation. However, the resurrection of Jesus, certainly the most attested historical event in human history, is proof there is life beyond the grave. What is more, it is a promise – a promise of the believer's own resurrection – a promise of eternal unspeakable joy for those who believe in Christ and follow Him all the way to the end.

Lessons From the 'Tower of Babel'

The story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis chapter 11 is a historical narrative of the first recorded form of government gone awry. What are some of the principles in this account that forewarn us of the corruption of governments and their ultimate end?

A Challenge for Intelligentsia

Someone once said, "I don't understand Christianity. I don't understand electricity either, but I don't intend to sit in the dark until I do." That's a profound statement about the power of faith to transform a life. The intelligentsia typically renders such assertions as foolishness, but it's been God's plan through the ages.

In Defense of North Carolina's Voter ID Law

North Carolina's new Voter ID law came under assault last week from Van Jones, a Democrat and host of CNN's "Crossfire." During the broadcast, which featured North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory as a guest, Jones said the new law was a means of rigging the state's election system and essentially suppressing the vote of African Americans, lower income people, and others who would vote against the state's Republican majority.

Robertson: Ham's Contentions No 'Joke'

Last week, approximately 3 million people tuned into to watch the debate on evolution between Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," and Ken Ham of the Creation Museum. Ham did a stupendous job articulating the creationist view and contributed greatly to raising awareness to the legitimacy of its claims regarding origins.

Christians and Alcohol: An Abstinent View

In an article titled, "Christians and Alcohol," posted on January 9 in The Christian Post, Shane Vander Hart made the case for what he believes is the biblical teaching concerning alcohol use and abuse. Vander Hart's personal story of alcohol abuse during his days in college and his decision to quit after becoming a follower of Christ, was, in this author's estimation, where he should have stopped. The rest of his article, unfortunately, made the so-called case for imbibing responsibly.

Abandoning the Christian Values That Make America Exceptional

The values Simon referenced were Christian values. He said, "Where is any debate, let alone recognition, that the bedrock, pro-faith and family values upon which America rests are under 'frightful assault,' and that, day-by-day, this nation is distancing itself from its Judeo-Christian roots?" [2] Simon passed away in 2000, but his words ring truer today than when first reported in the early nineties.

Robin Roberts 'Comes Out'; Why Now?

Another beloved television celebrity has "come out" and said to the world, "I am gay." This time its ABC's Good Morning America host, Robin Roberts. CNN says that Roberts has always been "open about her health battles, but she has not previously spoken publicly about her sexuality." The timing of Robert's announcement begs the question: Why now?

God Save America in 2014

Few stories speak so succinctly to America and her current need than this one in Scripture. For a little more than five decades America has been spiritually in decline so that now we are facing judgment.

4 Things to Do and Don't Do When a Pastor Is in Trouble

Pastors are supposed to help, not be helped. They are supposed to counsel, not be counselled. If something goes wrong in the preacher's life, surely he knows what to do. Besides that's his job. And so goes the thinking and unrealistic expectations that can ultimately lead to a breakdown – an emotional breakdown, a nervous breakdown, a mental breakdown, even a moral breakdown.

Pastors: Mental Illness and Suicide

It's not very often we hear such stories about pastors. But these events, which took place within the last five weeks, show we are all susceptible to mental illness – even the preacher. I know. I've personally been in that dark place myself.

Gratitude: The Spirit That Defies Defeat

Yet in a similar way this had been the plight of that little band of Pilgrims who gathered together with Indian guests for the New World's first Thanksgiving dinner. They had suffered incredible losses and their difficulties were life-threatening at every turn. Their table would have also been meager in comparison to our own today, but they possessed an indomitable spirit of gratefulness to God.

Fall of Leadership Symptomatic of Moral Rot

It was heartbreaking to learn that U.S. Rep. Trey Radel, a Tea Party favorite, was in a courtroom last Wednesday answering to a misdemeanor charge for cocaine possession. Radel had been arrested as a part of a sting rooted in a broad FBI/DEA investigation of drug trafficking in the nation's capital.

Free Will Baptists' Cancellation of 'Duck Dynasty' Event Commendable

Many young people simply experiment with alcohol and after finding their curiosity satisfied will later abstain. But today most do not, they continue drinking. In fact, alcohol has become such an accepted part of our culture that a Columbia University study noted that underage drinkers account for 11.4% of all the alcohol consumed in the U.S. [2] The average age of a teen boy who tries alcohol for the first time is 11, and for a girl it's 13.

On Veterans Day: Reflection From the Son of a Veteran on Religious Freedom in the Military

Last year, my father, who was a veteran, passed away. As mourners stood along with my family at his grave side, a soldier blew the strains of "Taps." That eloquent and haunting melody drifted over his resting place as an official tribute to a fallen serviceman – a man who was a devout follower of Jesus Christ; a man who felt his family was his greatest achievement; a man who deeply loved his country. Today his tombstone proudly acknowledges his service in the United States Coast Guard.

Reflections on Forgiveness

If you are like me, sometimes it may come as a surprise to find that hiding in your own heart there is resentment and bitterness. After thinking much on the subject, I've realized forgiving someone can be one of the hardest things in life to do. The natural reaction is retaliation. We want the other person to hurt in some way just as we've been injured. We may even feel in a self-righteous way that our feelings of anger and desire to get back at someone are justified.

NC Cherokees and New Casino: Gambling and What the Bible Has to Say About It

Some will say, "Well, I don't see what the big deal is as long as you gamble in moderation – as long as you don't waste your living its harmless entertainment. Besides you can't demonstrate one passage in the entire Bible that says, "Thou shalt not play at the roulette table." And you know what? They are absolutely correct. But neither can you demonstrate a single passage in Scripture that says, "Thou shalt not look at pornography." Nevertheless, the Bible often discusses the sin of lust and admonishes people not to do anything that would facilitate that pernicious desire.

God's Law: Absolute and Inviolable

God's rules are commonly referred to as the Ten Commandments or the Moral Law. One may look to the left, as well as to the right, scheming to break these, but no one can break God's rules without being broken by them.

The Alcohol Is in the Mail?

Last month, U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said the U.S. Postal Service should be allowed to start delivering, beer, wine and spirits. He contended the service was needed to help raise revenue for the financially ailing agency – an agency that lost $16 billion last year.