Richard Land

Christian Post Executive Editor

The Tebow Commercial: Why the Heated Protest?

Why are groups such as the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Feminist Majority Foundation, the Women's Media Center, and numerous "pro-choice" groups apoplectic over a Super Bowl commercial sponsored by Focus on the Family?

Hearing the Cries of the Poor

Millions of people around the world are touched every year with food for their bodies and the 'Bread of Life' for their souls through ministries funded by the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund.

Avoiding the Rocks

Pornography is one of the most powerful weapons in Satan's arsenal. He uses it to corrupt God's beautiful plans for us as sexual beings.

The Source of Integrity

Too often as Christians we presume we're doing fine - if only the rest of America would turn to God, we could get this country back on the road to righteousness.

Modern-Day Cannibals

Killing the tiniest human beings in their embryonic stage of development for the possible medical benefits of older and more developed human beings is quite simply high-tech cannibalism.

A Promise Fulfilled

All Americans, whether they voted for President Obama or not, should take time to express gratitude to the Almighty that our nation has been able to overcome much of its racist past