RJ Grunewald

The Importance of Distinguishing Ungodly Voices From the Voice of God

Any voice that pulls us away from the work of Jesus is a voice that needs to be shut up by the voice of God. The voices that leave us with no sense of worth, love, or acceptance need to be silenced with death and resurrection. From spiritual commitments to family relationships, job performance, and self-image, Satan will speak his lies to make us believe that we're not good enough.

How the Crucifixion Changed the Landscape of Souls

The scandal of the cross is that on the cross Jesus becomes the worst of sinners. On the cross the record of sins gets handed to Jesus and it gets buried in the tomb with Jesus. On the cross an execution event becomes a transaction in the divine economy. God pays with his life and we receive what only he could afford.

Jesus is the Gift Santa Couldn't Give

Our world can hardly fathom the idea of a pure gift. Gifts seem to only be for the deserving. They're a transaction for those who've earned our appreciation or our attention. But, thanks God, Jesus is God's indescribable gift for us.