Rob Schwarzwalder

CP Guest Contributor

Supreme Court's Abortifacient Case and the Value of Lost Things

There is nothing more valuable in this world that those of us who bear the "image and likeness of God" (Genesis 1:26). Our value is so great that the Son of God took the punishment we deserve on the cross, and rose to life on the third day so that, through Him, we can know the One in Whose image we were created.

3 Encouraging Stories of Adoption

In the midst of the distressing stories of Planned Parenthood's heartless abortion industry and the gruesomeness inherent in destroying a child within the womb, compassionate and committed people in our country and in many other places in the world are putting their lives and incomes on the line in adopting children who desperately need families and homes.

We Will Love and Not Be Silent

While I was at the Supreme Court for the hearing on same-sex marriage, a daughter of former Senator and current presidential candidate Rick Santorum got up to speak at a podium in front of the large crowd in front of the building. Immediately, a young man behind me began to shout "UGLY! UGLY! UGLY!"

Abortion and Human Trafficking: What Would Abraham Lincoln Have Done?

So, on this 150th anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln, we should be loath to claim this greatest of all Americans for causes near and dear to our own hearts. Lincoln, the tax-cutter; Lincoln, the defense hawk; Lincoln, the champion of litigation reform – these and a hundred other tinny appellations clank against the edifice of historical integrity.

'Formers' on the Streets of Washington

A few months ago, he was one of the most powerful people in Washington, indeed the country. Head of a massive Cabinet department with a budget of nearly $80 billion, when the Secretary left his downtown government office Secret Service agents scurried, memo-laden aides scrambled around wondering who would ride in the lead car and who would be forced to go in the longer caravan. Officials from governors to small town mayors would wonder who would get grants and what projects they could tout as promises of benefits fell from the Secretary's lips

Doing Things In the Name of 'Justice' May Not Produce 'Righteousness'

Standing for "justice" in our time no longer means solely such things as opposing slavery, protecting the unborn, or defending the rights of conscience. It has been co-opted by everyone with a cause, however odious it might be, because to claim justice for your side, at least if it is culturally acceptable, is to gain a rhetorical advantage that's hard to fight

Boys Growing Up Without Dads Remain Boys for Too Long

Boys raised by men who are committed and faithful to their wives and show them consistent affection and respect; who demonstrate love for and interest in their sons; who discipline those sons wisely; and who simply spend ample time, the greatest of all gifts, with their boys, produce sons whose confidence, self-restraint, curiosity, kindness, and sense of responsibility prepare them well not only for life generally but marriage specifically.