Robert Gittelson

CP Guest Contributor

Immigration Reform's Revival and Hispanic Christians

There is no issue facing our nation today that demands righteousness and justice more than the total reform of our immigration system. Hispanic Christians are dedicated to both and I am willing to predict that the immigration debate will be revived on their behalf.

House Attack on Dreamers Equals Republican Nightmare

We were deeply troubled that earlier this month, the House of Representatives allowed themselves to be drawn into a political black hole when they followed the lead of Representative Steve King of Iowa, (a longtime opponent of sensible immigration reform), and passed his very ill-advised amendment to de-fund DACA, as part of the 2014 Department of Homeland Security spending bill.

ObamaCare and the Obama DREAM Edict: A Precipitous Disconnect

The President's action, while temporarily protecting these young people for a period of two years (subject to a reversal should the President lose his re-election bid) does nothing to grant actual status to these people. It only places them in a "deferred action" classification, meaning that they will not be placed into immediate deportation proceedings for the duration of their two year increment.

Immigration Reform: An Essential Element of a Post Racial America

Considering that this discussion will take place in Orlando, this issue becomes particularly acute in the wake of the whole Trayvon Martin controversy that is gripping our nation today. It seems that despite that fact that we have elected our first President of color, we have not, as a nation, evolved beyond this difficult issue of racial tension in America.

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney on Immigration

Dear Governor, a couple of months ago, my good friend and Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Colleague Dr. Richard Land penned an open letter to Newt Gingrich. I would humbly like to take this opportunity to pen an open letter to you, sir.