Rod Anderson

CP Cartoonist

Living Your Faith in the Workplace

One of the greatest opportunities afforded to followers of Jesus Christ in America is the ability to live out our faith in the workplace. At least 140 million Americans regularly enter the workplace.

A Worship Singing Crackdown in China

A Taiwanese Christian pastor was detained for singing the worship song "Jesus Love You" in Zhengzhou, Henan, in China, which officials there have branded as an "illegal religious activity."

A Florida Teacher Attacks Religious Liberty

A national religious liberty law firm is threatening to sue a Florida public school district over allegations that a high school math teacher forced Christian students to remove cross necklaces and that she is engaging in LGBT activism in her classroom.

The Tale of the Motorcycle Missionaries!

Eleven Baptists have embarked on a 16-day motorbiking journey from Texas to Nicaragua to help raise funds for a youth sports ministry that serves over 2,000 at-risk children in the Central American nation.

The Trauma of Children Brainwashed by ISIS

The so-called cubs of the Caliphate, the brainwashed children the Islamic State terror group forced to behead and kill people, are struggling to reintegrate back at home with their families after being rescued, plagued by the horrors of what the jihadists made them do.


A church in Britain has started a text-a-prayer service, allowing members to at least send their prayers to the church's mobile phone if they are unable to attend services.

England's Unbelieving Christians

One in four people who identify themselves as "Christians" in England say that they believe that the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ did not happen, according to a new poll.

Egypt's Christians Mourn Yet Again

Egyptian Christians wept with rage on Monday as they recovered the bodies of loved ones killed in twin church bombings, furious at a state they believe will no longer protect them from neighbors bent on their murder.

A Mission to North Korea

A North Korean defector put her life on the line to go back home to tell her Christian family that she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. And although she was arrested and imprisoned, she was able to escape.