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A church in Britain has started a text-a-prayer service, allowing members to at least send their prayers to the church's mobile phone if they are unable to attend services.

England's Unbelieving Christians

One in four people who identify themselves as "Christians" in England say that they believe that the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ did not happen, according to a new poll.

Egypt's Christians Mourn Yet Again

Egyptian Christians wept with rage on Monday as they recovered the bodies of loved ones killed in twin church bombings, furious at a state they believe will no longer protect them from neighbors bent on their murder.

A Mission to North Korea

A North Korean defector put her life on the line to go back home to tell her Christian family that she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior. And although she was arrested and imprisoned, she was able to escape.

Looking for Guardian Angels!

A prominent Reformed theologian is highlighting the role that angels play in the life of believing Christians, arguing against the idea that every Christian has only one guardian angel assigned to him or her.

The Growing Trend of 'Dechurched' Christians

While an increasing number of Americans are reportedly abandoning the institutional church and its defined boundary markers of religious identity, many Americans still believe in God and practice faith outside its walls, a new Barna study has found.

Christian Pregnancy Centers Reach Out for Life

The president of a national pro-life organization that has saved thousands of babies born to abortion-determined mothers says pro-life health clinics and pregnancy centers are becoming more effective at reaching pregnant mothers and persuading them to choose life.

Christians Debate 'The Benedict Option'

Best-selling conservative author Rod Dreher has created debate over the direction of American Christianity and its relation to mainstream society with his recently released book, The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation.