Rod Anderson

CP Cartoonist

The Destruction of China's Churches

An evangelical megachurch was destroyed by Chinese Communist authorities Tuesday in the country's northern Shanxi province, sparking fears among Christians that the persecution they suffer will soon get worse.

When Christians Rage at Each Other

Road rage has become pandemic. People fighting, shooting – even killing – over such trivial things as lane access and speed limits, merging and parking. Social scientists are full of theories as to its rise: an increasingly polarized culture, racism, the availability of guns.

Bibles in School Under Attack

A school district in Kansas has put an end to it its yearly Bible giveaway at a public elementary school after it received a complaint from one of the nation's leading secular legal organizations.

In American Politics, Where Can Christians Turn?

I feel politically homeless as we enter 2018 — and I know I am not alone. Many Christians are feeling the same as other Christians, especially white evangelicals, have undertaken completely uncritical support for a President who is the antithesis of the Gospel of Jesus Christ — endangering the reputation of Christianity, especially among a new generation.

Abortion Is ... What?!?

A controversial billboard campaign calling abortion "sacred," "a blessing," "family value," "life-saving," and "a second chance," among other things, was launched this week by the largest abortion clinic in Ohio.

Christianity Rises in Iran

There's something that not even the conservative media is telling you today, an important backstory that might be playing a role in this rising protest movement.

The Fight Over Motherhood in Modern Society

Feminism, in all of its forms since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, hasn't liberated women but has instead attempted to eradicate the nature of womanhood in favor of a type of androgyny in which women function more like men, says Julie Roys, author of Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God's Surprising Vision for Womanhood.

What's Undermining Your Youth Ministry?

If I were the devil I'd distract the youth leaders with more and more meetings. I'd get them so involved with well-intentioned youth ministry "stuff" that they didn't have time to actually make and multiply young disciples.

Chinese Christians Hold Bible School in Secret

Parents in the city of Wenzhou, also known as "China's Jerusalem" due to its large Christian community, are saying that they will continue teaching their children about the Bible and Jesus Christ despite the atheistic government's ban on Sunday School.

Christian Women Speak Out Against Abuse

Several prominent Christian authors and speakers, including Beth Moore and Jen Hatmaker, have joined hundreds of evangelical women in calling out sexual and psychological abuse under the #SilenceIsNotSpiritual online campaign.

Learning to Trust God!

Pastor, are you trusting in the providence of God in your life and ministry? Providence is God's guidance and protection in our lives and ministries.

Feel Unworthy to Serve Jesus? Look at the Apostles!

When people write their autobiographies, you can always be sure they will leave out most of their shortcomings. Then you might see an unauthorized biography being published about the same person, and you think, "This will be juicy." You want to know the untold story.