Ron Hart

Op-Ed Contributor

The Real Snow Job? Believing Government is the Answer

Last week, Atlanta was brought to a halt by two inches of snow. The South was so blanketed in white that presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett instructed Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate. I fully expect the filmmaker of "Snow White" to be jailed within the week.

Obama's Seven Deadly D's

With his poll numbers circling the drain, you will be happy to know that Obama is now "pivoting" his considerable community organizing talents to "economic equality." Equality? This from the "Executive Order President" who does not even believe in the equality of the three branches of government.

Chris Christie's Fat and Furious: Braking Bad

Thanks to political maneuvering by his predecessor, Democrat Jon Corzine, the governorship in New Jersey has immense power. And Christie is a guy you want to have on your side -- unless you are in a canoe.

A Humorous Look Back at 2013

It was the year of lies that finally revealed the true Obama. His ObamaCare sales pitch, "If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance, period" - a lie. Saying before the election that the Benghazi disaster was caused by a YouTube video - a lie. Claiming that the NSA is not collecting our Internet and phone records - a lie. And denying that the Obama administration's IRS was targeting Tea Party groups for special scrutiny - a lie.

Beale Street Blues; EPA Top Dog's Astonishing Fraud

It's an all-too-familiar story of government incompetence, waste and fraud. Virtually unreported until his sentencing, John Beale, the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) top paid employee and its global warming expert, got 30 years last week.

My Colonoscopy: Get One Before Obamacare Kicks In

Like Obama, I got my colonoscopy when I turned 50. The President got his done as a "virtual colonoscopy" at Walter Reed Hospital, where they simulated a full colon exam without actually doing one. It was the same way the media simulated examining The Affordable Care Act when it passed in 2010.

Why the Government Is Concerned With 23andMe DNA Test

When our government is not in charge of something, it inserts itself into the enterprise, as is the case with the FDA's recent attempt to halt the sale of 23andMe DNA tests. Our government looked around the value-added business of personal genetic diagnostics and decided one thing was missing: government did not have a say-so.

NFL Bullying: Tough Love or Liberal Bashing?

Sporting the most ironic name in NFL history, Miami Dolphin Richie Incognito purportedly bullying a fellow 320-pound lineman should give us pause for reflection. It's emblematic of the continued wussification of America.

Obamacare Is a Disaster

ObamaCare has blown up so dramatically that al-Qaeda might try to take credit for it. Its so bad Obama's political team has floated the idea of re-naming it "BidenCare."

Debt Ceiling Is the Only Mechanism to Control Spending Now

In dysfunctional and ideologically driven Washington, it seems the only way to slow out-of-control spending is with the debt ceiling votes. Republicans control only one-half of one-third of the government. The only leverage they have in imposing some form of fiscal sanity is their debt ceiling votes.

The Washington Monument Syndrome

We are over a week into the government shutdown; shouldn't we be looting Target for a flat screen TV by now? Why haven't you joined a marauding street gang? Two things have become apparent: how little we need most of government, and how spiteful public servants can be when they do not get their funding.

ObamaCare Quickly Becoming 'ObamaScare'

Obama continues to struggle selling his ObamaCare. Ranking Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) called it a "train wreck." ObamaCare is losing steam as the bleak reality of its implementation becomes clearer. The only thing currently less popular than ObamaCare is Obama

Obama, Putin and Blaming Others

As Obama and Congress publicly debate what engraving style to use on the "Save the Date" card they will send to Syria's President Assad (fully telegraphing our unnecessary military action), Vladimir Putin chuckles.

Syria Threat Creates 'Blurred' Lines for Obama

The Obama regime only knows one way to wage war, and that is to run attack ads in Iowa destroying an opponent's character. Trying to wage war by invading a country over WMDs has pitted President Obama against his fiercest ideological opponent on the matter - candidate Obama.

Government Keeps Fear Alive to Grow Its Agencies

Government agencies exist to perpetuate themselves. If you think government, which essentially involves the IRS taking $3.8 trillion a year from us and politicians redirecting it as they please, can stay unbiased in its decisions, then you are lawful prey.