Ron Hutchcraft

CP Guest Contributor

God Sent a Moose

If I was back in elementary school, and they asked me to write a composition on "My Summer," I'd have one word on the paper. Amazing.

Fifty Shades of Dark

A friend just told me it's the talk of the women in her office. Forty and 50-year-old women "giggling like schoolgirls." Dying to see it. To see a woman submitting to sexual violence in the name of "exploring her dark desires."

Three Reasons for Hope in a World of Terror

National leaders usually try to cool the rhetoric so we don't panic. Not these past few days. They're saying things folks like that just don't say. You know something's up when the Secretary of Defense says in a press conference, "The world is exploding all over." I see three messages from heaven - and reasons for hope - in the mayhem of our times.

Ferry Disaster: 3 Ways Any Captain Can Sink His Ship

It was awful. That Korean ferry rolling into the sea. Then disappearing beneath the waves. Filled with trapped passengers - many of them teenagers. It's outrageous that the captain was one of the first to abandon ship. He's being charged with "negligence of duty" and "abandoning people in need." Sadly, there are a lot of captains that could be charged with those crimes - as the captain of their family.

Five Game-Changers From Noah

Word is that this telling of the iconic story starts with the Bible account. And adds a heavy dose of Hollywood imagination. With great special effects. Probably no match, though, for the original. With Noah showing up in ads on TV all the time, it's made me go back to the non-fiction, original narrative. Bible-style.If old Noah showed up today, he'd be blown away by all that's changed. And all that hasn't.

The Movie, The Text and the Gun

This week in Florida, the violence was in the seats. As a retired police officer shot and killed the man in front of him. Apparently, because the victim was texting during the previews. Turns out he was texting daycare to check on his three-year-old daughter.

Native Americans – A Reason for Thanksgiving

Today, with friends in dozens of tribes, I know what amazing people Native Americans are. With their warrior spirit, their deep spiritual nature, their ability to read a heart, I've tasted their generosity, enjoyed their sense of humor, admired their values of respect and courage. And I've grieved all that was taken from them . . . loved many as sons and daughters.

Light in an Oklahoma Tornado

It's strange. The worst things that happen to us become the compassion and comfort we have to treat other wounded people. Those who've been hurt become heroes of healing for others who are bleeding. As the Bible says, "We can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God"