Ronnie Floyd

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Pastor, Everything Builds Toward Sunday

If we are not extremely intentional, we can become so busy doing many good things that we are not doing the main things that will help us advance the gospel in our region and move the entire week toward Sunday. Remember, everything builds toward Sunday!

4 Prayer Priorities for America

Let's walk in unity by praying for these four priorities in our nation beginning now and continuing through the entire month of October. Ask God to bring together His Church in America as a witness to the world.

4 Reasons I Believe in Pastors

I believe in pastors of local churches. I'd like to share four reasons why I believe in pastors. Pastors of local churches are not any more perfect than anyone else. Yet, they are called of God to lead the church.

Good Seasons in Your Life and Leadership

Winning in your life and leadership is much harder than others may realize. Quite honestly, inexperienced leaders may not understand how much of a blessing it is when your life and organization are in a winning streak or season.

America's Fight for Independence Began With Prayer

The air that September morning of America's First Continental Congress was fraught with anxiety and trepidation. The men who gathered had a monumental decision to make: will the colonies stand united and challenge British rule or will they disband and leave each to its own? Yet, they couldn't even decide on who should lead prayer.

Pastors: Give Your Mornings to God

Pastors, my call to you is to give your mornings to God. Obviously, the Lord Himself must call you to do this, but I believe firmly that since Jesus rose before daybreak to be with the Father, we certainly need to do so some in our lives.

A Personal Prayer Plan for You

Prayer is a spiritual journey. Just as a journey from your present location to the other side of the country requires that you have a plan to reach your destination, you need a plan to assist you in your spiritual journey of prayer.

1 Phrase Every Minister Needs to Live By

Churches are filled with all kinds of people. This presents numerous challenges for each pastor. When the Apostle Paul addressed the church at Corinth, it was evident that the church was struggling with their interpersonal relationships.