Ryan Bomberger

CP Guest Contributor

When a Public School Throws Its Invited Speaker Under the Bus

The aftermath of my recent life-affirming presentation at Vicksburg High School in Michigan showed that some leaders don't believe honesty is the best policy. Despite some incredible feedback from students, parents and even teachers, the school decided to cower to a vocal minority of students and parents who detest who I am.

Christmas, Christ and New Creations

I know what it feels like to be rescued. The world says that, because of the circumstances of my conception, I should've been aborted. My birthmom's courage enabled me to live, to be adopted, to flourish. Nine of my twelve siblings were also rescued, adopted and loved.

Sorry, ACLU. Gay Is Not the New Black

Jack Phillips, a Christian cake artist who owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado has run his business for years according to his religious convictions. He is a gentle, kind and loving soul. He serves everyone, just not every event.

Real Men in the NFL Stand Up

Finally! NFL players across the country took a knee to protest the systemic racism and unjustified deaths that have plagued black communities for decades. They declared an end to Planned Parenthood. Oh, wait. Nope.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of God-Given Rights

A lot can happen in 53 years. A lot has happened. The 1960s were a culminating point in our nation's history, torn apart at the seams by racism and political pride. Crucial decisions had to be made while human rights abuses threatened American democracy.