Ryan Bomberger

CP Guest Contributor

Christmas, Christ and New Creations

I know what it feels like to be rescued. The world says that, because of the circumstances of my conception, I should've been aborted. My birthmom's courage enabled me to live, to be adopted, to flourish. Nine of my twelve siblings were also rescued, adopted and loved.

Real Men in the NFL Stand Up

Finally! NFL players across the country took a knee to protest the systemic racism and unjustified deaths that have plagued black communities for decades. They declared an end to Planned Parenthood. Oh, wait. Nope.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of God-Given Rights

A lot can happen in 53 years. A lot has happened. The 1960s were a culminating point in our nation's history, torn apart at the seams by racism and political pride. Crucial decisions had to be made while human rights abuses threatened American democracy.

Gloria Steinem: Own It. You Are Pro-Abortion.

Pro-abortion eugenicists, like Steinem, are in a constant state of denial, claiming they're "pro-choice", not "pro-abortion". Apparently pro-slavery politicians weren't really for slavery, they were merely pro-jobs ... or pro-economic freedom ... or pro-trade.

'Madame Secretary' Is No Hillary Clinton

Hollywood doesn't hide its religion of liberalism. Compelling dramas are often marred by overt attempts to preach politics instead of delivering meaningful storylines that resonate. But once in a while, something wonderful breaks through — humanity.

Planned Parenthood Offers Less Healthcare, More Abortion

But, but, but Planned Parenthood offers all these other services! That's the battle cry from "pro-choice" activists across the nation in attempts to redefine what Planned Parenthood clearly is — a business that profits, predominantly, from the killing of over 320,000 human beings a year.

Single-Issue Voters Change the World, So Vote Pro-Life

I have to laugh when I hear liberals accuse social conservatives of being "single-issue" voters. Of course voters, like me, are concerned about a whole plethora of issues, especially since the government has intruded into every possible facet of our lives. But there is virtue in single-mindedness. There is worth in focusing on an egregious injustice that outweighs other concerns.