S. Michael Craven

Christian Post Guest Columnist

Political Reflections

It is the power of the church and not government that needs to be unleashed in America and this can begin with the simple and personal proclamation

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

According to the most recent research by the Pew Forum on Public & Religious Life, the church appears to be suffering some measure of the Dunning-Kruger effect — in which our incompetence masks our ability to recognize our incompetence.

Politicized and Polarized

This is by no means my first time to encounter this manner of reaction from fellow Christians. However, this lack of civility and love toward one another should warrant serious concern

Thoughtless Faith

Do you sometimes struggle to engage with unbelievers? Do you feel ill-equipped to dialogue with those who reject faith in Jesus Christ?

Memorial Day Remembrance

For more than two centuries, America has produced generation after generation of extraordinary young men like Ryan Miller (and yes, some women) who have answered the call to defend freedom.

Losing Our Sense of Duty

Today, we live in a culture in which men (in particular) are no longer encouraged to "do their duty," to serve something greater than themselves and certainly never at risk to themselves.