Samuel James

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Hobby Lobby and the Rage of the Liberal Machine

The Left has been declaring scorched earth since the decision, from Justice Ginsburg's apocalyptic dissent to various expressions of unbridled outrage across the blogosphere. Such feral shrieking is disturbing enough, but Harry Reid recently upped the ante by promising to "do something" to ensure that abortion-inducing contraceptives are provided by all employers despite "the values of 5 white men."

Ann Coulter and Slate Should Embarrass Us All

Ann Coulter published a bizarre diatribe against soccer so hilariously bad that I had to double check that it was real. Coulter's collection of bullet points about soccer is like the Comstock Lode of logical fallacies. Coulter thinks the game is boring, lacks real achievement, etc. Ok, that's fair. I disagree but I suppose I can fathom why a nationally syndicated columnist and speaker would want America to know how put off she is by the sport she isn't watching.

Christians and 'Game of Thrones'

Christians have debated amongst themselves for thousands of years how to approach entertainment and secular media. In the second century, church father Tertullian expressed his dismay at Christian use of Greek philosophy by asking, "What hath Athens to do with Jerusalem?" The discussion hasn't abated since then. From rock and roll to Harry Potter, the church has consistently challenged itself to define which portions of culture were acceptable for Christian consumption.

Jonathan Merritt Whiffs on Hobby Lobby

If you think Hobby Lobby is a Christian company, you're mistaken, says Jonathan Merritt. Actually, Hobby Lobby is conspiring with China, through trade, to keep millions in poverty and maintain China's forced abortion regime.