Samuel Smith

CP Reporter

Is Hip-Hop Christian Music? Propaganda Answers

Although some Christians might not listen to various forms of secular music, Christian artist Propaganda believes that all music is "God's reflecting" and believes that listening for the "fingerprints of God" hidden within secular music can actually be an "act of worship."

What Trump's Religious Freedom Order Does and Doesn't Do

Much has been made about the executive order promoting religious liberty signed by President Donald Trump Thursday, leaving some prominent conservatives and religious freedom advocates disappointed while others are calling the order the most significant moment for religious liberty in decades.

Trump's Religious Freedom Order a 'Nothing-Burger,' Conservatives Say

President Donald Trump signed the much anticipated executive order on religious liberty and free speech in front of faith leaders gathered at the White House Rose Garden Thursday morning. However, some conservatives aren't pleased that the scope of the order isn't as broad as the initial draft order leaked to the media in February.