Samuel Smith

CP Reporter

Tim Tebow Receives Standing Ovation After Hitting Into Double Play

Hitting into an ordinary run-scoring double play doesn't usually warrant a standing ovation from the crowd at a professional Major League Baseball game. However, popular Christian athlete Tim Tebow received a large applause from fans at the New York Mets' Spring Training game on Wednesday afternoon after doing exactly that.

Texas' Transgender Bill Not the Same as NC's HB 2, Says Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and a state lawmaker who introduced a bill that would require people to use public bathrooms based on their birth sex instead of the gender they choose to identify as on any given day, have laid out the differences between the Texas legislation and the highly controversial House Bill 2 signed into law last year in North Carolina.

10 MLB Players You Didn't Know Were Christian

With Major League Baseball's spring training now officially underway and the World Baseball Classic set to start next week, Associated Press sportswriter and author Rob Maadi has released a new book titled Baseball Faith: 52 MLB Stars Reflect on Their Faith.