Scott Hyland

CP Contributor

The Psychology of Racism: Evaluating the Racial Conscience of America

"I am not a racist." The fact that we even have to make a qualifying statement such as "I am not a racist!" in America may say less about our past and more about the present misuse of labels. Qualifying statements may also indicate how quickly others are to take offense in our culture. However, racial qualifications may have more to do with conscience than anything else.

Can Christians in Clear Conscience Criticize the Commander-in-Chief?

Hardly a week goes by without some new controversy surrounding the President and his practice of leapfrogging Congress with executive orders. Having many friends serving in various ministries, I am frequently involved in discussions over whether or not Christians are justified in criticizing our leaders. Recently, one local pastor went so far as to apologize to his congregation for referring to President Obama as a "godless leader." A division exists within the church over how Christians should respond to leaders who consistently establish policies that are inconsistent with biblical principles.

Faith Like a Child in the American Idea of Economic Progress

Historically, our country rewards hard work and practical ingenuity, which is the direct result of this belief in the American idea of economic progress. This belief is usually driven by an individual's desire to get ahead in this world. However, I would like to explore a completely different advantage. I often wonder how current social and economic policies positively or negatively affect the critical thinking of our children especially regarding their desire for financial independence.