Selah Ally Tower

CP Guest Contributor

Thanksgiving: Puritan or Pagan?

Thanksgiving is a "pagan" holiday? I thought I heard it all. As Christians, we've heard the arguments against Halloween, Christmas and Easter but Thanksgiving? Aren't we stretching these "forbidden" holidays a bit too far?

Halloween: Steeped in Superstition

It's that time of year again when not only are nights getting colder and darker, but so too the atmosphere in many churches and Christian homes. The debate begins at the first sign of the autumn leaves and abruptly comes to a halt on November 1st – after all, Halloween comes to its demise for another year.

Witchcraft: The Next Generation

It would seem the practice of witchcraft would have somehow banished by now – reduced to the image of a cartoon character thus minimizing it to mere fantasy, perhaps in an effort to eliminate man's fears or an attempt to dismiss its spiritual validity. Yet, with each generation we see its subtle influences shed, then re-emerge in a new skin.

Christians and Halloween: A Mixed Brew, But a Mission Field? (Part 3)

Tonight's Halloween and there's still quite a stir between those who celebrate and those who don't. We can debate its origins and practices and still come up with an empty kettle. But before we get ready to call down fire on those who will go out into the darkness or laugh off those who will remain in the confines of their home, let's take a step back and forget Halloween for a moment.

Halloween: A Mixed Brew For Christians? (Part 1)

Yes, it's almost Halloween. It's by far become the most controversial holiday during the year between those who despise it and others who participate in its festivities. What is it about this time of year that causes some to turn off their porch light to pretend their not home and others who are captivated by its allure?