Shane Idleman

CP Guest Contributor

What Might Jesus Say to Your Church Today?

What would He say about your worship and the depth of your prayer? What about the commitment to teach all of His truth, not the politically correct version? What would He say about our personal lives beyond Sunday?

America: Then vs. Now. It's Almost Unbelievable.

To understand the core values of a nation, one must simply look to the beliefs set forth during its conception, and, in the case of America, during the transitional years of the American Revolution. Judge for yourself how far we have drifted from the original intent of early Americans.

Fasting: Starve the Flesh to Feed the Soul

Sadly, everything, including church functions, is centered around food — potlucks, get-togethers, fellowship gatherings, etc. The last thing we want to talk about is humility through fasting. But we must return to the power of the Spirit​ through brokenness, prayer, humility, and fasting.

Sin in the Camp: How to Handle Church Discipline

An unrepentant man attends church while continuing a porn addiction; a wife leaves her husband for a boyfriend; a gossip continues belittling and slandering … the lists goes on and on. Sadly, many churches take the easy route by avoiding confrontation. But saying nothing is saying something.

Can Pastors Have a Beer?

A few years ago, I attended a conference where pastors were encouraged to meet at a pub after the general sessions. A few of these pastors could exercise their liberty, but why publicly? I wondered how many people at the conference stumbled because of it.

Does Science Confirm the Bible?

The uniformity, the consistency, the stability, and the harmony of the universe declares that there is a Creator. The misconception that faith and intellect must remain separate has planted seeds of doubt in the minds of many.