Sheryl Young

Christian Post Contributor

Is There a Next Billy Graham?

For at least the last half decade, there's been speculation as to who could replace the Rev. Billy Graham as the next greatly esteemed and world-renowned leading Christian evangelist. When his 2005 New York crusade was billed as most likely his last, we began wondering if anyone could rise to the task. Or should any individual do so?

CBS's 'The Good Wife' Takes on Jesus from Both Sides

Julianna Margulies is nearing the end of her second season as Alicia Florrick on CBS's "The Good Wife." In its 2009 premier, Margulies channeled the real-life stoic composure of political wives like Elizabeth Edwards and Silda Spitzer. But there's one storyline not getting much publicity coverage. That's the series' handling of Jesus. It's done from various angles, not always slamming Christianity in traditional Hollywood fashion.