Simon Saavedra

Christian Post Correspondent

Reviews and Reactions to Google’s Chromebook

The Chromebook, in Acer and Samsung models, was made available for sale on Wednesday in online retailers like in an apparent bid from Google to usher in “cloud”-based products and apply its take on what such emerging business tech giants like Apple and Amazon have been investing in.

Lunar Eclipse June 15 Photos – In Case You Missed It

The June 15 lunar eclipse that caught the world’s attention, briefly but breathtakingly, flaunted the dark morning sky with a crimson hue adding beauty to what scientists have been regarding a rarity for its unconventionally long procession (1 hour 40 minutes in its totality phase).

LeBron James Still Has Time to Become the Greatest Player

After failing not only to clinch NBA titles over multiple years, but to meet the expectations of championship-hungry fans in Miami by losing the NBA Finals series to Dallas in six games, it may take LeBron James more than a four-month summer vacation to restore his confidence back to conference finals levels when the 2011-2012 season tips off in October.

Microsoft Windows 8: What's Changing?

With the PC market quickly shifting from desktops to tablets, Microsoft's decision to move past its original Windows user interface and switch to a tile-centered interface tailored for tablet PCs is a logical direction for its new operating system Windows 8.

Saleh Out of Yemen for Surgery; Yemenis Cheer His Leave

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh's exit to Saudi Arabia for surgery does not necessarily denote his stepping down from office. But defiant Yemenis on Sunday cheered in hope that this departure, to their neighboring country, could signify the initial step to end his 33-year rule.