Stephanie Samuel

Christian Post Reporter

Bachmann 'Submissive' Question Ignites Debate Over Marriage, Sexism

A reporter's question to presidential candidate Michele Bachmann about marital submission ignited talk about the biblical role of husbands and wives and fueled the debate over sexism in the media. In an obvious demonstration of disapproval, the crowd booed after a panelist from the Washington Examiner asked Bachmann if she would be submissive to her husband in the White House.

Former Supporters Blast Obama on Poverty Tour

PBS hosts Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, once strong supporters of Barack Obama, are traveling the country criticizing the president for failing to protect the poor during the debt talks. Noted African-American evangelical Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. agrees that the president has done little to help the poor, but says systemic changes, not more wasteful spending, are necessary to lift Americans out of poverty.

Ann Coulter Joins Advisory Council of GOP Homosexual Group

Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter is joining the advisory council of GOProud, a conservative organization comprised primarily of homosexuals. In a statement released on Tuesday, GOProud said that Coulter is now an “honorary chair” of its advisory council and her official title will be “Gay Icon.”

Lower Gas Prices Come Amid Economic Woes

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Friday downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, combined with Wall Street's worst selloff since 2009, may be a temporary boon for Americans and companies struggling to keep up with gas prices. However it may also be a dire warning that many investors believe America is headed for another economic downturn.

San Francisco Law Would 'Censor' Crisis Pregnancy Centers

A pro-life advocate in San Francisco charged local officials with “censorship” in their attempt to pass disclosure laws that would stifle local crisis pregnancy centers. Ryan Scott Bomberger, co-founder of the Radiance Foundation, says California is the "abortion capital" of the United States and he finds it "crazy" that city lawmakers would go after crisis pregnancy centers

Mexico, 15 Others Challenge Ala. Immigration Law

Mexico and 15 other countries are filing briefs against Alabama's controversial immigration law in the hopes of ensuring fair treatment for their foreign nationals. Hispanic and Church leaders agree that immigration reform must be fair in order to allow Latinos to contribute the country.

Conservative Group Disinvites Homosexual GOP Group

CitizenLink, a Focus on the Family affiliate, applauded the American Conservative Union's board of directors for breaking ties with the controversial gay political group, GOProud. CitizenLink says it is more comfortable attending CPAC 2012 now that GOProud will no longer be a formal cosponsor of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.

Frustrated Hispanics Want Immigration Reform, Marco Rubio in 2012

Politicians trying to woo Hispanic voters in 2012 with economic promises must first own up to failed federal and state immigration policies that have frustrated many, Hispanic leaders say. They say they have had it with the Democratic leadership and many Republicans too, unless they receive a solid message – or even Marco Rubio – as a sign of solidarity.