Stephanie Samuel

Christian Post Reporter

'Sister Wives' Family Challenging Polygamy Law; No Surprise to Christians

Conservatives can say I told you so as Kody Brown of the TLC show "Sister Wives" plans to file a lawsuit Wednesday against Utah's ban on polygamy. Conservatives have been warning lawmakers that amending laws governing moral sexual behavior would open the floodgates for all kinds of consensual sexual relationships including polygamy. Now one Christian leader warns that America is falling into a downward spiral of sin.

Churches' Dilemma: 80 Percent of Flock Is Inactive

There is a secret inside many churches. According to researchers, most churches are actually run by 20 percent of the congregation. The other 80 percent, they say, tend to act like spectators: they are minimally involved and attend infrequently or not at all.

'Black and Beautiful' Pro-Life Billboards Called Offensive

“Black and Beautiful” billboards designed to spotlight the high abortion rate among African Americans has drawn fire from at least one lawmaker. But the group behind the ads dismisses naysayers, saying opponents are trying to shut down the conversation about the reality of abortion in the black community.