Stephanie Samuel

Christian Post Reporter

GOP: A United Vote Is Crucial to Winning Back the White House

GOP politicians urged conservatives at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference to turn their passion for issues such as the budget, pro-life and pro-family measures into a strong resolve to win back the White House. They especially counseled Republicans to resist the urge to split their vote in support of a third party candidate. Instead, conservatives were advised to unify their vote for the GOP nominee once he or she has been named.

Americans More Pro-Choice but Morally Against Abortion

A national survey suggests that Americans are tolerant of those who choose to seek an abortion, but overwhelmingly believe that the procedure is morally wrong. A Gallup poll released Monday shows the number of Americans who consider themselves pro-choice is up slightly ahead for the first time since 2008

Bible Study Won't Reveal Judgment Day Date, Says Theologian

Ask Family Radio spokesman Anthony Hernandez how Christians can find the same evidence Family Radio founder Harold Camping found linking the rapture to May 21, 2011, and he'll tell you to search the scriptures. But is that kind of information really found in the Bible? A Fuller Theological Seminary professor says no.

Rapture Prediction to Devastate Christians' Faith?

Looking beyond Saturday, May 21, one Texas Christian says many of Harold Camping's followers who quit jobs, left their homes and spent their money will be spiritually devastated to the point where they will likely fall away from the faith. How does he know? Because he had a similar experience with an end of the world prediction nearly 23 years ago.