T. D. Jakes

CP Guest Columnist

Pastors in Peril: Bearing the Burdens of Leadership (Pt. 2)

Forty percent of pastors have started an extramarital affair since answering the call. Each month, 1500 professionals leave the ministry due to moral failure, spiritual burnout, or contention in their churches. In his opus, "My Utmost for His Highest," Oswald Chambers wrote: "We are designed with a great capacity for God, but sin, our own individuality, and wrong thinking keep us from getting to Him. God delivers us from sin— we have to deliver ourselves from our individuality."

Pastors in Peril: Bearing the Burdens of Leadership (Pt. 1)

I began writing this piece within hours of learning of the suicide death of Pastor Teddy Parker in Georgia and reflecting on the great burden on all pastors in an attempt to start a much needed dialogue on the unbearable standards of the pastorate and how we cope under that burden. What follows is two-part article and I invite others to weigh in on the subject.