Thomas Schirrmacher

CP Guest Contributor

Inside the Vatican Synod on Family: Evangelical Catholics? (Day 10)

Today I had the privilege to contribute a paragraph on the covenant character of marriage, showing that God's grace comes always first and that a Christian marriage always relies on the promise and grace given by God, that especially becomes activated when we humans reach our borders, but the Holy Spirit helps us to overcome our weaknesses.

Inside the Vatican Synod on Family: Pope Francis Delivers Bible Reading on Love (Day 2)

Today the Pope opened the Vatican Synod with a service in St. Peter's Church. The more than 300 delegates came in order of rank – all covered in green robes. They were seated in a huge semi-circle around the altar. Only three fraternal delegates showed up, representing the Baptists, the Anglicans and the Evangelicals. The ordinary Bible reading happened to center on love and on family.

Inside the Vatican Synod on Family: An Expert Evangelical's View as a Fraternal Delegate (Day 1)

It is the Saturday before the official opening of the Vatican Synod on Family with a mass in St. Peter's Cathedral. So most delegates arrive today. The the so-called fraternal delegates stay in the Comunitá San Pietro Canisio, where Jesuits' stay during their time in Rome. It is only three minutes walking distance from the Vatican and two minutes from the office of the Pontifical Council for Propagating Christian Unity, that hosts the friendly delegates.