Tony Katz

CP Op-Ed Contributor

There Are No Journalists at Rolling Stone

With the facts in, or the lack of facts, the clear and consistent truth is that Sabrina Rubin Ederly, author of the now-defunct story of the rape of "Jackie" at the University of Virginia is not a journalist, nor are the editors of RS worthy of their titles.

The Five St. Louis Rams of Ferguson Should Be Suspended

As the St Louis Rams exited the tunnel during the team introduction in their football game against the Oakland Raiders, five Rams - led by Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin - put their hands up in the air in an homage to the Ferguson protesters slogan of, "Hands Up, Don't Shoot."

The Clinton Motto: Contempt and Elitism

As the expression goes, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." When it comes to the Clinton Family the apple never fell, and all associations with the tree leave one contemptuous, elitist and complete incapable of relating to real human beings, real life and reality.

Note to the Jews: Be Prepared to Fight Back

Last week in Ukraine, leaflets were being disseminated saying Jews were required to register with the government or face being thrown out of the country and their possessions seized. More and more, they have been debunked as a hoax. Jews in America, and worldwide, should nonetheless take this seriously, and recognize that - when the time comes - if they don't fight back, they will die.

Olympic Watch - Beware of the Water and Everything Else

Sochi, site of the Winter Olympic Games, has all the markings of being a total disaster. Like Ishtar, but with a bigger body count. Though the Games have not yet begun, reporters from around the globe are beginning to descend on the so-called resort town. What has greeted them is nothing more than poorly produced modern-day relics of the Potemkin Village known as Russia.

The Meaningless Apology Society

MSNBC has mastered the art of the apology. From Alec Baldwin to Martin Bashir to the tearful apology of Melissa Harris-Perry toward the Romney family for her twisted mocking of interracial adoption (if not adoption in general;) apologizing for things said "on-the-air" has become the rule at the network of the organized vocal minority.

Lies, Deception and Power; This Is Obamacare

Like the sun rises in the East or that Kanye loves Kanye. Another indisputable truth is that - after its passage and being upheld by the Supreme Court, and after its implementation and subsequent unilateral changes by President Obama and his administration - you still don't know what this law is, how it works or why you should even care.

Fast Food Living Wage Will Only Benefit 'Big Labor'

Fast food workers are planning a strike to force employers to pay them $15 per hour. This Thursday, in over 100 cities across the nation, Big Labor is coordinating with "grassroots" activists to pressure these employers to pay a "living wage." From all the press, you'd think the push toward higher wages was something noble. But, this is Big Labor. And no one will bully, threaten or intimidate to steal your hard earned money more than Big Labor.

The Racism of The New York Times

The New York Times is known as the paper of record. At some time in history, having a paper that practiced actual journalism was important. Almost, valuable, one could say. But now, journalism is left for the bloggers, and the bravest of souls in the mainstream media. These days, the Times isn't interested in journalism, but sheer propaganda and name calling, and promoting the meme of racism in the name of their elitist beliefs.

A Progressive Will Never Hit Bottom

Scandal-Palooza is not going away and the mainstream media has proved that it will pay some attention to it (we love you, Sheryl Attkisson and we stand with you, James Rosen).

IRS, Better Known as the 'Internal Retaliation Service'

The only way I know we still live in a relatively free nation is that, at times, the truth does come out. The IRS announced that, yes; it did give extra scrutiny to tax returns that included the name "tea party" or "patriot" as part of their exempt applications.

The Left Agenda: Connect The Right To Evil, Regardless Of The Facts

When the horrific news from Boston broke, I was on the air with Cam Edwards, host of Cam and Company. CNN's National Security Analyst Peter Bergen and Esquire blogger Charles J. Pierce suggested the bomber could have been a "right wing extremist" since, after all, it happened on April 15th - tax day across the country and Patriot's Day in Massachusetts.

Pro-Choice: A World Turned Upside-Down

At a committee hearing in the Florida legislature on a proposed "Born Alive Bill," Planned Parenthood's Alisa Lepolt Snow stunningly asserted that the fate of a child who survives a botched abortion should be left to the discretion of the mother and her doctor. In other words, if the mother so chooses, the baby may be denied medical treatment and left to die.

Is Obama To Blame For America's Spending Problem?

In a recent column in The Christian Post, I discussed President Obama's "selective amnesia" in his State of the Union speech. His "Fix-It First" and "protect Americans abroad" proposals were simply rehashes of old campaign speeches (and since he's been campaigning almost non-stop for five years, he has plenty of material to work with.) I also talked of Obama's spending, and the $6 trillion (and counting) added to the national debt so far.