Tony Perkins

CP Op-Ed Contributor

Frank Bruni's Anti-Christian Fascism

Openly gay New York Times columnist Frank Bruni made clear in his Easter Day column that the efforts in Indiana to defeat religious freedom protections provided for individuals and business owners under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was just round one.

When Push Comes to Poll...

The Christian owner of Arlene's Flowers is standing by her beliefs, no matter what it costs her. "You are asking me to walk in the way of a well-known betrayer, one who sold something of infinite worth for 30 pieces of silver. That is something I will not do."

The Altar Not Ours to Alter

"This Marriage is not ours to alter. It is ours, however, to encourage and celebrate…this we affirm." These were the final words recited from a new affirmation on marriage at the conclusion of the three-day conference of international religious leaders at the Vatican on the complementarity of man and woman.

Sikh and Ye Shall Find… Marriage Allies!

In message after message today, from Sikh, Muslim, Mormon, and others including American evangelicals Rick Warren and Russell Moore, there was a clarion call to renew the effort to uphold marriage as God intended it to be.

Court Makes a 'Sutton' Impact on Marriage

What was already a great week for conservatives just turned into an incredible one -- thanks to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Good news hasn't been easy to come by on marriage, but after big wins in the election, voters can finally celebrate one in the courts.

I Stand Sunday: Pastors Stand Strong In Face of Houston Mayor's 'Personal' Agenda

Houston Mayor Annise Parker's original demand that five Houston pastors turn over their sermons and communications under the threat of fines and/or incarceration created a First Amendment firestorm. She's now withdrawn her demand. However, given the history of Parker's tenure as mayor, it's clear this was never about sermons or speeches -- or even about biblical teaching on human sexuality -- it was about political intimidation.

The Face of Freedom Shines at Values Voter Summit

Family Research Council had the distinct privilege of honoring Mariam with the first-ever Cost of Discipleship Award at the Summit's gala dinner on Saturday. Many of those who played a part in securing Mariam's release gave testimony to the fact that we can make a difference in cases like Mariam's

America Will Perish Without a Vision to Defeat ISIS

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Americans have been shocked to see the brutality and barbarism of the Islamic militants of ISIS. Americans been stunned by the revelations that their fellow Americans have joined the ranks of ISIS are taking up the cause of the caliphate

The Taxman Cometh to Church

Most of us would love to get the IRS to go to church -- but not to censor what's being said there. Unfortunately, that seems to be the next stop on the agency's intimidation tour, thanks to a new settlement between the President's favorite tax bullies and the extremists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The Bible Versus Planned Parenthood

Women are used to Planned Parenthood preying on them -- but praying on them? That's a new approach altogether. After a string of celebrity endorsements, Planned Parenthood insists it got the ultimate one: God's. Obviously, Cecile Richards's group is always looking for new ways to justify abortion. But the Bible? That's a step too far, even for them.

Rand Casts a Paul Over Life Debate

Republicans are still months away from kicking off the presidential race – and that's a good thing for front-runners like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who could use the extra time to hone their messaging.

Poll Vaulting: Marriage Gets PR Boost

For former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, supporting marriage must feel like an awfully lonely position. But according to a new Rasmussen Poll, it's anything but. In what should be an eye-opening survey that the media will go out of its way to ignore, the survey house announced a flat-out tie between Americans who back same-sex "marriage" and those who don't.