Tullian Tchividjian

Christian Post Columnist

Might as Well Face It, You're Addicted to Law

I’ll never forget hearing Dr. Doug Kelly (one of my theology professors in seminary) saying in class, “If you want to make people mad, preach law. If you want to make them really, really mad preach grace.” I didn’t know what he meant then. But I do now.

This Is the Year?

Today is the very first day of a brand new year. And for many that means a fresh start. It all starts now. We resolve to turn over a new leaf–and this time we’re serious.

What Is True Spirituality?

The word spirituality conjures up all sorts of images and ideas. For non-Religious – or secular – people, spirituality is nothing more than “an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being"

Are You Righteous?

Ethical behaviorism is a term Psychologists use which defines righteousness exclusively in terms of what a person does or does not do. In this sense, a righteous person is one who does the right things and avoids the wrong things.

Fear of Judgment

As you all know too painfully well, relationships flounder in an environment of judging. Both the Bible and our experience teach us that where judgment reigns relationships are ruined.

What Abortion?

What’s fascinating to me is that throughout the Bible, it’s the immoral person that gets the Gospel before the moral person; it’s the prostitute who gets grace; it’s the Pharisee who doesn’t

Grace Without Buts and Brakes

We often speak about grace with a thousand qualifications which reveal a paralyzing fear that grace will be taken too far. Our greatest concern, it seems, is that people will take advantage of grace

Deconstructing Moralism

Since our culture is relativistic, licentious, and morally lax, is preaching grace what this culture really needs? Or, to put it another way, is preaching the gospel of grace really the means by which God will save licentious people?

On Death to Self

The truth is, that it’s only when we come to terms with the fact that we can’t to do anything for Jesus (Jesus paid it all) that we will want to do everything for Jesus (all to him I owe).

You’re Free to Stay Put

In becoming a Christian, we don’t need to retreat from the vocational calling we already have—nor do we need to justify that calling, whatever it is, in terms of its “spiritual” value

First Things First

When the Christian faith becomes defined by who we are and what we do and not by who Christ is and what he did for us, we miss the gospel–and we, ironically, become more disobedient.

The Pitfall Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism (or performancism) is a horrible disease. It comes from the pit of hell, smelling like rotting flesh. Someone convinced these folks that they were called to measure up to an unattainable standard

We Are Seasoned Do-It-Yourselfers

We are, without question, a society of doers. Christians in this cultural context have absorbed this mentality and taken it into their relationship with God and their understanding of the Christian life.

Our New and Exalted Identity

While the world constantly tempts us to locate our identity in something or someone smaller than Jesus, the gospel liberates us by revealing that our true identity is locked in Christ.