Tullian Tchividjian

Christian Post Columnist

Contend to the End

Regardless of what others may say or what seems most culturally acceptable, the gospel remains the power of God to deal with the penalty, power, and eventually presence of sin

Remember the Duck

This story told by my friend illustrates well the radical discrepancy between the ways in which we hold other people hostage in their sin and the unconditional forgiveness that God offers to us in Christ.

The Gospel Everyday

I once assumed the gospel was simply what non-Christians must believe in order to be saved, while afterward we advance to deeper theological waters.

I Can't Trust God To Be Unmerciful

Frost wrote two poetic dramas filled with references to God. The first, A Masque of Reason, is based on Job's story of suffering and comes across as rather inconclusive. But the second, A Masque of Mercy, has Jonah as the main character and wraps up in a more aesthetically pleasing way.

No Utopia Now

Contrary to what some have concluded, a transformational approach to culture does not assume an unrealistic optimism about what's possible in our fallen world.

God's Evacuation Plan?

When it comes to this world's future, God will follow the same pattern he engineered in Noah's day, when he washed away everything that was perverse and wicked but did not obliterate everything.

We Are One

Most churches would agree that any segregation arising from racial or economic bigotry runs contrary to the nature of the gospel and should not be tolerated. But there's another kind of segregation, perhaps more subtle, that many churches today have unapologetically embraced.

Worship Is A Big Deal, Part 5

Churches for years have struggled over whether their worship services ought to be geared toward Christians (to encourage and strengthen them) or non-Christians (to appeal to and win them). But that debate and the struggle over it are misguided.

Worship Is A Big Deal, Part 3

There's a growing trend in some churches to offer door prizes to any returning visitor. One church visited recently by a friend of mine promised him a ten-dollar Starbucks gift card if he came back the following week.