Tyler O'Neil

CP Reporter

Christian Scholar: Financial Crisis Caused by 'Cronyism' More Than Greed

Apologist, scholar, and intelligent design advocate Jay Richards presented his new book, Infiltrated: How to Stop the Insiders and Activists Who are Exploiting the Financial Crisis to Control Our Lives and Our Fortunes, on Thursday at the American Enterprise Institute, arguing that the 2008 financial crisis stemmed from "full spectrum cronyism," the collusion of big business and big government, rather than Wall Street greed.

No Such Thing as Your Spouse Is Your Soul Mate? 'Love Dare' Author Weighs in on Marrying 'The One'

In a recent viral article, a wife (Hannah) claimed that her husband is not her soul mate, and that God does not have "the one," your perfect spouse, eternally chosen from the beginning. While Christian authors of the New York Times bestseller Love Dare book agreed that the "Disney princess" fantasies are unrealistic, they contend that God does direct the faithful in their romantic pursuits.

'Porn Prof' Twitter Outburst Sparks Debate; Christian Scholars and Educators Condemn 'Neo-Pagan' Sexuality

Hugo Schwyzer, gender studies professor at Pasadena City College, sparked outrage by revealing his sexual plans and exploits on twitter, claiming to have slept with porn stars, developed porn events for class, and used sex to hide his lack of credentials. Christian scholars say his actions and public image show a 'Neo-Pagan' trend to sexuality in our culture, which threatens freedom and the Church.