Tyler O'Neil

CP Reporter

Is Domesticity Impossible? Former Banker Regrets Becoming Stay-At-Home Mom

Former Wall Street banker Lisa Endlich Heffernan has reignited the heated issue of domesticity and a woman's role in the workforce with her short essay "Why I Regret Being a Stay-at-Home Mom." While her article casts domesticity in a negative light, other mothers who have spent years in and out of the workforce present a very different picture.

Three Lighted Crosses Removed From Water Tower in Idaho

On Tuesday, officials in the southeast Idaho town of Roberts removed three lighted crosses from the water tower after a complaint from resident Joe Cohea. Atheist or not, Cohea opposes the expression of religious sentiment on government property, igniting debate in the small town of nearly 700.

Chuck Norris Urges Fla. Team to Hire Tim Tebow; Calls Quarterback a Winner

International martial arts champion and conservative actor Chuck Norris wrote a 1500-word essay pubished this week in wnd.com praising former New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow. Norris compared Tebow to himself and suggested the Jacksonville Jaguars "give Tim the opportunity to excel as a quarterback and usher them to Super Bowl status."