Tyler O'Neil

CP Reporter

'Star Trek Into Darkness': A Tale of Two Sacrifices

"Star Trek Into Darkness," the stunning blockbuster hit sequel to Director J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek," centers on the theme of sacrifice. With stunning graphics, beautiful music, and witty dialogue, it showcases the value and dignity of human life.

The Rise of OBB: Biblical Pop With an Attitude

The Oswald Brothers Band (OBB) recently burst upon the Christian music scene, and its message of desire, hope, and acceptance resonates. From a TV appearance in 2009, the group scored an EP, a big-name tour, and a national launch of its own.

Review: 'Mercy' – Fine Music With a Powerful Message

Aaron Crabb, former member of the Crabb Family southern gospel group with 16 # 1 national radio songs, split off to perform with his wife, Amanda, in 2007. On April 23, they released their fourth album, Mercy, the first to be recorded with Difference Media.

The Great Gatsby: 20th Century Ecclesiastes

"The Great Gatsby" spins the all-too-familiar tale of Babel – men indulge themselves with myriad delights, build a tower to the skies, only to watch every pleasure and achievement fall to rust and decay. It is a magnificent story, but ultimately hopeless.